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How To Find Updates On Your Devices

How To Find Updates On Your Devices

To get the best performance and features, devices need to be running the latest software. But with so many devices and so little time, how do we ensure our technology is always up to date? From phones to tablets, you should always know how to find updates based on your device’s operating system. Read the following tips on updating your tech for each OS:


Whether you’re updating an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, updating your iOS device is a piece of cake. Before you start, always back up your device, plug it into a power source and connect to Wi-Fi.

Whenever an iOS update becomes available, a notification will pop up on your screen prompting you to begin the download. But if you put it off until later, you will have to force check. Simply go to Software Update found in your General Settings, tap Download, and Install, and enter your passcode if asked. It may ask to temporarily remove apps to make space, but don’t worry. It will reinstall the apps once the installation is complete.


To be safe, backup your data before you update and connect to Wi-Fi due to large file sizes. When you’re ready, find the Settings menu, click About Phone or About Tablet, check your current version to see if you already have the latest software, and then click Software Update if you want to move forward with the download. Select Yes to install, and sit back while your device gets an upgrade.


Like the others, a power connection, Wi-Fi, and sufficient storage are needed to perform an update. Once you’re ready, find updates in the Settings app under Phone Updates. Click Check for Updates, then tap Download. After clicking Show Details, tap Install, and your device will restart and then begin the update. After the usual five to ten minutes it takes to install, click Done, and start checking out all your new features.


Updates for the BlackBerry PlayBook can be found using the Gear icon. Click Software Updates, Check for Updates, Download and then Install. The BlackBerry smartphone is just as easy to update. Simply swipe down from the top of your Home screen, click Settings, Software Updates and Check for Updates.

Both the tablet and smartphone can also be updated using the BlackBerry Desktop Software, which can be easily downloaded at

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