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brent-bradleyBrent Bradley is the Manager of Computer Systems Analysts and a Certified HIPAA Security Professional here at Memphis IT Solutions. With almost 20 years’ experience in tech support, Brent knows his way around a computer. From Pong and a Tandy computer to his first PC in college (with a whopping 200 MB hard drive), he got his start early on. Today, Brent prides himself in staying skilled and up-to-date in all things business tech because he knows that’s what his clients need to be successful. It also helps that he loves his job. He enjoys the puzzle of being handed a problem that shouldn’t exist in the first place and sifting through the pieces until he finds a solution.

Brent put himself through school at Dartmouth College by working on campus and taking one class per term and eventually graduated with a B.A. in English Education. Doting husband and father of three, Brent has family in every part of the country…except Hawaii – but he’s working on it. He enjoys reading, gardening, baseball, and geeking out over tech stuff. He wants to cross a visit to Machu Picchu off his bucket list, and eventually Brent dreams of retiring somewhere like Monhegan Island off the coast of Maine, where visitors are limited and there are no paved roads or cars. As a final note, Brent wants everyone to know that, yes, he is just as crazy as he seems.

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