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"Brent Bradley is extremely professional. His level of service, patience, and skill set is very valuable. I look forward to working with Memphis IT Solutions in the future as they are great for business and great for patient care."

“Memphis IT Solutions monitors our networks as well as maintenance issues. When we call they respond promptly to handle the problem. We are a 24/7/365 Telephone Message Service with critical service needs; therefore we have peace of mind knowing they are there when we call.”

I like the fact that they are local and have fast service. When I had a computer issue, I needed them immediately. Achill technicians take very good care of us and meet our needs above our expectations. I have recommended Memphis IT Solutions many times.

They have a quick response use e-mail when I need answers about my computer issues. The service provided has been great when needed as we have had some major problems, but the staff from Memphis IT Solutions has been outstanding. They recognize a potential issue and solve it before it becomes an issue. I would highly recommend Memphis IT Solutions to anyone due to the service provided and compassion they have for their customers. There has been more than one occasion Paraic and his staff has gone above and beyond to solve problems.

We have enjoyed our 8 year relationship with Memphis IT Solutions. They are there with us instantly when we need them and stay until the issue is resolved. They set up all our systems in such a way that we have technology that is typically enjoyed by firms significantly larger than ours. We would recommend them to anyone and with no reservations whatsoever.

When we were having issues with Collierville, Memphis IT Solutions took full ownership of the problems we were having when both software companies were blaming each other. He held them accountable and made them find a solution.Peace of mind with the BDR. Knowing and believing for the first time that I have consistent back ups.

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